Unified Dress
Olympia Christian School began a unified dress policy in the 2009-10 school year.  Our rationale is that it puts all students on a level playing field and increases a sense of pride in the school community. It helps to let the greater community know we are students at Olympia Christian School. 

Polo Shirts and Bottoms
For OCS, “unified dress” will mean a choice of short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo shirts in navy, light blue, or white. On the bottom, students may wear khaki-colored pants, capris, skirts, skooters, and during the months of August/September and May/June, bermuda shorts

An online store, French Toasthas been designated for purchasing polo shirts.  Khaki shorts, skirts and scooters are also available from French Toast.  They have the complete list of clothing approved for our school.  When shopping, please use the Olympia Christian School Source Code: QS478YK.

This code is not only helpful for finding accurate information on the unified dress, but also French Toast helps fundraise by returning cash to the school.  5% of the purchases made by our families on their site will come back to us.

The OCS logo is available through French Toast at a nominal charge for those who would like to have it added to their shirts.  The logo is currently not mandatory for you to purchase.

You may also buy your school uniforms at Old Navy, Childrens Place and Kohls. 


For outerwear in the classroom, students wear a zip-front “hoodie” sweatshirt in navy printed with Olympia Christian SchoolThe school office will take your orders for the hoodies. Order forms will be available at Back-to-School Night and thereafter in the school office.


There is no preferred shoe or shoe color at this time.  Students must have athletic shoes at school for daily PE class.

Financial Assistance

Assistance will be made available for those students who need financial help in purchasing their wardrobes. Please contact the school office at 352-1831.
Check in the office for a “store” of outgrown items, or if you have outgrown uniform pieces, please bring them to the school office.