Supply List (6 - 8)
Grades 6 - 8 Supply List

1. 4 single subject spiral bound notebooks (college ruled) 
(You will need four separate notebooks.  Please don't buy the several subject notebooks. these will be turned in separately)
2. Pencils (regular or mechanical)
3. Extra lead (if using mechanical)
4. Hand-held pencil sharpener (if using regular)
5. Loose-leaf paper (MUST be college ruled)
6. 3-ring binder
7. 5 subject dividers
8. Big erasers
9.  3-4 comfortable pens (different colors; red  needs to be included)
10.  3 x 5 index cards
11.  Scientific calculator (available @ Wal-Mart for around $10.00)
12.  Protractor
13.  Compass
14.  Colored pencils
15.  2 full-sized box of tissue (will be placed in a common fund)
16.  Sticky notes, large and small
17.  Water bottle
18.  Flash Drive
19.  Ruler
20.  Scissors
21. 2 Compositon Notebook (Lab Book & Bible Journal) Former OCS students: If you have last year's you are welcome to use it again this year if there is room)

22.  Rubbermaid tub for extras
23.  Bible (particularly 7th and 8th grades)
24.  Gym clothes and appropriate gym shoes (no sandals or heels)
25. Desk stuff: Pencil Holder, organizer
Note to parents:  The consumable supplies listed here are meant to last one semester.  You will periodically need to re-supply. (ie - paper, pencils, lead, sticky notes) If you would like to stock up while there are sales, great idea!)