K - 2 Supply List

Here is the list of items needed for all students in K-2:

1-refillable water bottle
1-box 24 count Crayola crayons
1-pair of scissors
1-box 12 count fat Crayola markers (optional: they can also bring fine tip markers)
1-box 12 count Crayola colored pencils
3-dozen #2 yellow Ticonderoga pencils
1-box Scotch brand glue sticks
3-large boxes of Kleenex
1 bottle Elmer’s liquid glue
1-large pink eraser
1-set Crayola watercolor paint set
1-thin dry erase Expo marker
1-canister of disinfecting wipes (for desktop)
1-pack sticky notes
1-3-ring binder 1 1/2 inch (any color) with the student’s name on the front cover
1-zippered pencil pouch with 3 holes to put inside the notebook
1-small pencil sharpener
1- complete change of clothes