Class Work Grades 6,7,8


Each week students will have 20 spelling words.  These will be given on Monday.    They are required to write definitions and to use each in a sentence.  These are due Friday morning, before the test.  They will be tested over selected definitions and sentences.

Memory Verse: 

Every Monday there will be a Bible text from their Bible lesson.   This is to be written in their journal.  On Tuesday, they write a paragraph explaining their memory verse and give an example.     On Wednesday they will tell about a character from the Bible that exemplifies what that text means in a person's life.    On Friday, they are tested on the Memory Verse. I collect journals on Friday.


Math is assigned Monday through Thursday.  It is due the next day.  The Skills Review workbook is assigned on Monday and is due on Thursday.   They are to do it throughout the week.  I work with them in class on this as needed but the skills are review for most.  


Assigned Tues. and Thursday with two assignments per week due, most weeks.  The assignments are due on Wed. and Friday.    Usually one day is experiment and one day book/research.


Held Monday through Thursday.   There will be written assignments assigned Mon. & Wed. and due on Tues. and Thurs.  The journal is also part of their Bible grade.  Student week of prayer will also be a part of thier Bible grade in 4th quarter.

Social Studies: 

Assigned Monday through Thursday.  There will be at least one written assignment per week. We will be working out of a text and have video clips from time to time where a written or oral assignment will be due.  Some of the SS assignments may be creatively drawn and or written depending on student choice.     


This is our reading and language arts program.  We have  a chapter book we read and have written assignments at various times.  This will include writing,  research, language, handwriting. .  Each book takes about 1 month to complete.  The student is to be working on the workbook during the month.  We do about 1/2 of the workbook in class but the rest is their responsibility but I am willing to help at any time.  They always have "free time" and I expect them to consider using their time for this as well as any other unfinished work. This workbook is 70 % of their Language and Reading grades.  Book Report is 15% of their grade.  They can not get an A without a book report even if all other assignments are in.  An A student needs to be reading outside of class, always. 

Computer Keyboarding

Students will have 30 minutes minmum of keyboarding with Mavis Beacon per week.    It is a low cost typing program and can be purchased at Walmart if you want one at home,  We will provide for time at school.  However, since it has not been an official part of the curriculum for middle school at OCS, some of our 8th grade students may need to practice at home to get their speed up.  They should be at about 30-35 words per minute (0 errors) when they leave 8th grade.  This does not count in their GPA but it is on their report card for informational purpose. 

Check Sheet

On Thursday morning there will be a check sheet posted.  It will have only check marks for each assignment for each student who has turned in the assignment.  There will be no grades on it.  This is to let the students know if I have their work turned in and if they have earned the right to play board games in class for one hour on Friday.  If their work is not completed, they do it during that time.  Parents are free to come in and check the sheet. I hope to be able to get this out on Bloomz eventually every Wed.
Book Report:

A book report is due each month.  The month of September is  a biography and is to be submitted according to a book report format passed out to them during the first week.  The book report list will be provided the first week of school. 

Assignment Book

Each student has an assignment book.  It is imperative that they maintain this.  I find that the majority of students who do not maintain and assignment book do not get the grades they could because they are not organized and forget assignments.  I will help them to do this in the first few weeks of school and will pick them up to check them at various times.  I will put an "organization" grade on their report card which does not enter into their GPA but will give you feedback as to their ability to stay organized. 

Art will be officially every Friday and or any other day we can squeeze it in.  The projects will be something they can work on the following week.  Art is based on following instructions and  obvious effort put into the piece.  Each lesson is teaching some principal of art such as color, perspective, balance, etc.